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About Talaja

Talaja is a very important city which is situated in the district of Bhavnagar in one of the most prominent Indian states, Gujarat. It is not only city but also an eminent municipality.

Geography of Talaja

Talaja is situated at 21.35 degrees North and 72.05 degrees East. The city is known to have an elevation of around 19 meters or 62 feet. Talaja is situated on an important national highway which is located between Mahuva and Bhavnagar. This place is also referred to as a Tehsil place which was known to own Alang. Alang is one of the biggest yards for ship breaking. It is also the place which is renowned for the greatest difference between the high tide and the low tide all over the globe.

Demographics of Talaja

According to the Indian census of the year 2001, the city of Talaja was known to have a population of around 26,187 people. The males are known to constitute around 51 percent of the entire population while the females form around 49 percent. The literacy rate of this city is around 62 percent. This is a lot higher in comparison to the national literacy rate which is 59.5 percent. The male literacy of this area is around 68 percent, and the female literacy rate is around 55 percent. In the city of Talaja, the population that is below the age of six years is around fifteen percent.

Transport of Talaja

Talaja is connected to the various parts of Gujarat with the help of road and rail transports.

Rail Transport

Earlier, the city of Talaja had an important railway station which belonged to the Indian Railways. This line was located on the Bhavnagar-Mahuva line. The line had been removed by the government in the year 1990. Presently, the closest railway stations to the city are the Palitana Railway Station, the Bhavnagar Railway Station, and the Mahuva Railway Station. These are located 40 km, 54 km, and 43 km away from the interior of the city. There are around 108 villages under the Taluka of Talaja.

Road Transport

The city also has buses which depart from the bus depot. The buses connect Talaja to different parts of the city. The best part is that the bus facilities are provided seven days a week and for twenty-four hours.

Tourism in Talaja

Talaja is very famous for the various religious temples that are present here. Tourists from different places come to this city to witness the historic temples. This includes the Jain Temple, Bajrang Das Bapa Dham, Alang, etc.

The Jain Temple

The Jain Temple was constructed by Kumarpal. This place is extremely holy, and it is located on the Shatrunjaya Hills. The place belongs to Shri Shatrunjay Panchtirthi. The svetambara of the Jains own this temple currently. It is a sacred place for pilgrimage. This place is perfect for not only the nature lovers but also the photographers. There are many other temples like Chintamani Parshvanath Bhagawan, Guru Mandir, and Mahavir Swami Bhagawan.


Gopinath is around ten kilometers away from the city of Talaja. This place is very beautiful and has a mesmerizing sea view. The place consists of a holy temple that belongs to Lord Shiva. Tourists can travel to this place by bus or even hire private vehicles. This is a very beautiful place that should not be missed.


Malnath is located around 35 km away Talaja. It is well-known for the windmill farm and the holy temple of Lord Shiva. The hills are said to be made from the lava of volcanoes. This is an amazing place which is a must visit for all the nature lovers and the photographers.

Talaja is a must visit for all the people who visit Gujarat.

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